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Industries such as mining industry, metal industry, and mechanical parts manufacturing industry are using lathes for accurate working procedure. The cutting tools are widely used to shift capably from one job-site to another. Heavy duty lathe machine is to improve the firmness of the machine and in limit vibration throughout its usage which puts in to the lathe’s robustness. The machine has integrated descriptions to go on your workpiece clamped onto a paralleled rotating shaft and the headstock is meant to keep hold of objects on which the job is carried out.

Lathes are correspondingly prepared for machining ample of products in regard to unlike dimensions using an elephantine selection of materials. Amazingly huge precision altered parts will definitely involve a big regulating lathe machine. There are numerous categories of lathe which can manage task by being both CNC controlled that executes every operation by instructions and measurements of computer and conventional manually operated. CNC lathe machine is intended and programmed in such a manner that 1000s of stuff with similar proportions can be made with absolute correctness and just with a particular command. Originally lathe was used for metal cutting and shaping purpose however later on it extended its roots headed for glass working and wood turning use in the automotive industries or in the mechanical industries principally. It usually activated by turning the work piece on its axis aligned with a cutting tool that shapes, cuts, drills or bends the work piece to build an object that is matching to the axis of rotary motion. Surplus metal is separated by turning the work piece over the set cutting tool to outline straight or tapered cylindrical shapes, grooves, shoulders and screw threads. Uneven speed is an aspect that mainly experts favour to work at diverse speeds whilst doing variable things to the material.